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Her Media Diary

Nov 7, 2022

In this episode Yemisi Akinbobola Interviews @rachel_ombaka media editor, trainer and public speaker shares her experiences of sexual harassment in the newsroom and speaks passionately about her activism against this. Her interview is honest and personal, as she shares how childhood memories of gender-based violence impacted her own relationship with her daughter and how these experiences have shaped her championing and training others to rise up against sexual harassment in Kenyan newsrooms. For her work, some called her a "bad girl", a term meant to ridicule her and women like her who dare to speak up. "Let's all be bad girls" is her call to us to not allow these voices of oppression to triumph over the much-needed change and enabling environment in media industries. 

You won't want to miss her inspirational story. Rachel's episode will be released on 7 November 2022.  Subscribe to Her Media Diary now on your favourite podcasting platform  

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